“Stay, Don't Go!”
Raffle 2023

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong) (SPCA) is dedicated to promoting "Adopt, Don't Shop" and, with the theme "Stay, Don't Go!“, this year's raffle ticket event aims to also encourage pet owners to keep a lifetime promise to their pets. Each furry friend has a unique personality, but "LOVE" can certainly bring us closer, making them an integral part of our family.

There are 10 raffle tickets in one pack, and each ticket is uniquely designed featuring one of our rescue cats or dogs' lovely portrait and self-introduction. Each ticket you buy will send a blessing to those rescue animals waiting for a forever home. The self-introduction will give you a chance to connect to our animals and know better about them. Countless animals at the SPCA are still waiting to be loved, your generous support will be a powerful force in saving and transforming their lives!

Charity Raffle Ambassadors
Loki & Pepper

We are thrilled to introduce Loki and Pepper as our adorable ambassadors for this year's SPCA raffle event. These two puppies met each other at the SPCA, learned and played together and, most importantly, were adopted by the same SPCA staff who gave them a loving forever home. Opposites attract, and these brothers have been inseparable ever since.


Loki is a warm-hearted gentleman. If he notices you have a bad day, he will sit beside you quietly to give you extra strength. Sometimes he may seem slow to warm up, but it just means he is brilliant and observant. If a colleague needs moral support, he will be there without interruption.


Pepper, on the other hand, is a cheerful Corgi-mix who greets everyone at the SPCA with his open paws and captivating smile. His vibrant and lively personality makes him the centre of attention, and he effortlessly persuades humans to give him treats from their pockets with his mesmerising smile.

We are grateful to have them as part of our team and hope their heartwarming presence will inspire others to support our cause in providing a better life for animals in need.

Raffle 2023
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“Stay Don't Go”
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Limited Edition


SPCA x Tong Jai keychain


Discover the perfect gift of love - the adorable Tong Jai keychain wearing the SPCA bandana!
By purchasing it, you're supporting the SPCA Charity Sale 2023.
It's irresistibly cute and carries a profound meaning, bringing hope to our furry friends!"

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